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Continental - Wall Mounted Vending Machine

Our latest model in our Wall Mounted Cigarette Vending Machines.
Saves valuable floor space.

Can be used for vending different products:

- Cigarettes
- Hair Products
- Candy, etc.

Electronic Pricing from $ 0.05 to $ 99.95.
Solid state controls.
Illuminated showcase display.
Wall mounted.
Independent vend motors.
Ten selections.
100 product capacity.
Available in numerous colors.
With accented coloring.
Easy loading.
Easy maintenance.
We can also have a logo engraved in the glass door.
Bill validator available.

The Continental

For pricing information please contact us. (We welcome distributor inquiries.)

The Continental is our latest merchandiser and is produced as a complete unit including Coinco CGX 9302 coin acceptor and a Coinco MAG32R Bill Validator built right into the front panel. Each machine now comes fully equipped.

Weight 75 lbs. / 34 kg
Size -
   Height 37" / 939 mm
   Width 28" / 711 mm
   Depth 8" / 203 mm
Colors: you select your own special colors.
Create what ever look you want to have in your location.

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