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HT1 wall-mount cigarette vending machine MarkX wall-mounted cigarette vending machine Cigar Shoppe Vending Machine for vending cigars and tobacco products
Snack EZ Vending Machine Continental wall-mounted snack & cigarette vending machine Smart Card Readers for wall mounted cigarette vending machines
Vendtech 600 wall-mount cigarette vending machine Vendtech 1400 wall-mount cigarette vending machine EZ Snack Center candy chip vending machine
Cigar Bar cigarette vending machine    


Our machines can be operated from a variety of control systems and 60 different currencies from around the world including U.S.A., Canada, China, England, Argentina, Lebanon, Europe, Etc.

a) Coin only
b) Coin and bill acceptor
c) Remote control
d) Smart card Reader
e) Debit card reader

Custom Design
We are excited to provide our customers both old and new the ability to order custom designed equipment. Whether you are looking for a smart card driven inventory control system such as our HT1 or you're in the market for your own conventional vending machine that accepts coins and bills we can provide you a cost analysis. Our unique equipment has been designed to vend a wide range of products ranging from cigarettes, cigars, snacks and chips to cosmetics, hair products and even collector cards and coupon books.

Slimline Designs can design and manufacture a specialty machine for almost any purpose. Our production capabilities include steel fabrication utilizing CNC stamping and forming, quality wood crafting and plexi-glass forming. These are just a few of the benefits that makes Slimline Designs a highly flexible and cost effective designer and producer of vending equipment. Slimline Designs Ltd. has designed and manufactured thousands of machines for companies both large and small from leading tobacco companies to entrepanuers to owner/operators. Our state of the art equipment represent the most reliable and esthetically pleasing machines available in the vending industry.

Slim line has now expanded the electronic delivery component of their machines. We have moved from the vending of tobacco products to dispensing. As this change came about We developed machines to conform with the "dark market" we are experiencing in the Canadian tobacco industry. This development has naturally let us into the dispensing of tools on assembly lines, and medical supplies in Hospitals.

This new generation of software coupled with our modified machines now affords our customers an unlimited opportunity to take advantage of business opportunities. If you think you have a unique market segment you want to explore we may have a solution that is off the shelf that may be inexpensive and easy to implement.


Marketing Manager
Slimline Designs Ltd.

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