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Mark X - Cigarette Vending Machine

Independent Vend Motors



High Security Double Keylock System
Large Capacity Coin Box
Electronic Multi-Pricing from $ 0.05 to $ 99.95
Hand Crafted Oak Construction
Solid State Controls
Illuminated Showcase Display
Brass Accents
Wall Mount -
Does not take up Valuable Floor Space
Model C - Cigarettes
Weight - 85 lbs. / 38.5kg
Size -
   Height 37" / 938 mm
   Width 32" / 812 mm
   Depth  8" / 203 mm
Maximum Product Capacity - 100 Items
Choose from -
   Natural Oak
   Dark Cherry Finish
   Chesapeake Oak
Customized Glass Engraving
The Mark X Universal

For pricing information please contact us (We welcome distributor inquiries.)

The Mark X Universal coin operated vending machine, is now produced as a complete unit including Coinco CGX 9302 coin acceptor and a Coinco MAG32R Bill Validator built right into the front panel. Each machine now comes fully equipped.

Download Mark X Product Sheet (PDF Format)

The Product Sheet is in compressed PDF format. You need Adobe's Acrobat Reader to look at it. If you don't already have it, click to download it now.

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